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Centro Servizi Lapideo del VCO

THE NEW EUROPEAN LABORATORY keeps pace with the MATTER evolution

The Stone Service Centre of Verbano Cusio Ossola, a research laboratory on materials, is a project of the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola financed by the European Union, Ministry of Economy and Finance, DOCUP Piedmont Region 2000/2006.
It is a consortium, a public trust joint-stock company participated by universities, organizations, institutions, field associations and companies. The priority goal is to favour the development of stone and building sector by means of products qualification and description, their certification, by experimentation and promotion of technological innovation, constant improvement of human resources. The whole service has for priority the duty of securing the compliance of the products with the Harmonized European Norms. "To Know to compete" is our motto. The laboratory allows performing technical tests, experimental activity, personnel training in stone sector and processes connected to it. Being a trust non-profit company the strategy it adopts is to provide a real service to outsource the means to invest in future research projects.
Sharing the mission of the given project, Assograniti is one of the shareholders co-founders of the company and is among the main supporters of the initiative.


Centro Servizi Lapideo del VCOUNI - Ente nazionale italiano di unificazione